• Individual steel cupboards

    Individual steel cabinet designed structures 2, 3 drawers flexibility, compact size, suitable storage for personal needs, utility and aesthetic.

    Individual steel cupboards

    Individual steel cabinets are manufactured by Vinarack, compact structure, material standards, quality assurance store personal items efficiently.
    Steel cabinets with paint individual milk white xam- easily coordinate with many different interior, bringing a modern touch to the office and professional, advanced materials for sustainable production, not a broken, deformed moving and use.


    Individual steel cupboards

    * Weight: 50 to 150kg.
    * Number of compartment: 2 chambers can be designed horizontally.
    * Ventilation Holes: Yes (depending on type).
    * Safety Lock: each compartment has its own key or lock number.
    * Entering origin: unloading belongings, personal items by hand easily.


    Individual steel cupboards

    Feature highlights
    * Store children's clothing
    * Storage widgets adults
    * Store profile
    * Case office papers
    * Contains corporate documents
    * Compact, moving easily
    * For cabinets in any position
    * Purchase costs low
    * Warranty 7 years


    Individual steel cupboards

    Individual steel cabinet material thick steel, strong anti-impact force, electrostatic spray painted with cool colors, anti-rust, termites, easy to move, clean, safe kids and adults , special applications can store all the records, books and documents at home, office, school, administrative offices ...

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