• Slotted Angle Shelving

    Slotted angle shelving is a versatile system best suited for storage of small components, bins, cartons having light loads up to(300 Kgs) level is available with the following options.

    Slotted angle shelving manufacturers in Viet Nam

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    Slotted angle shelving covers all storage requirements ranging from totally planned requirement to immediate. The Slotted Angle Racking System is ideal for the manual storage of light loads and even relatively heavy ones.
    Slotted angle shelving
    Slotted angle shelving 
    Slotted angle racking system, made from quality steel, is available in 4 flange dimension to suit every possible need. The unique slot pattern in metric measurements is given maximum versatility in bolting positions and rigidity in construction.
    Slotted angle shelving
    Slotted angle shelving 
    With its unique design, iron shelf slotted angle shelving we have many versatile features such as:
    - Each loading level (Shelf) can be adjusted for varying heights.
    - Each loading level can be divided into compartments depending on customers need: Height, Depth of compartments offered
    - Light duty system can be offered for varying heights as under
    - Easy to use, assemble shelves linked together by certainty bolts, screws without the use of solder.
    - The iron shelves is coated hot dip galvanized, powder coated or high-quality epoxy surface finely polished product, avoid rust.
    - The edges of the rack is not sharp, avoid injury when using.
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